Who Are River's Newest Signings?

Who Are River's Newest Signings?

Who Are River's Newest Signings?


Who did River sign during the break? Where are they from?

Here is an update on the newest signings.


Santiago Salcedo

This Paraguayan player was just acquired by River at the last minute and he promises to bring lots of goals to River. He was Newell’s leading goal scorer and one of their best players in the squad. Coach Simeone was trying to acquire him for a long time but any talks became unsuccessful as the demands for his presence were high. Fortunately, Newell’s loaned this player to River with an option to buy and if all goes well, I see a long future “Millonario” for Santiago. He was determined to join this side, acknowledging that playing for a huge club, like River, was a dream come true. Along with Radamel Falcao, River will have an very fast and effective team to score goals. Good luck Santiago!

Robert Flores

Did you know that there is such a thing as another River Plate? Well, it just so happens that Uruguay has a River Plate in their own league and they have been playing very good lately although they were just eliminated from the Copa Nissan Sudamericana. One of their most important players and Uruguay’s Player of the Season, Robert Flores, decided to cross the “river” and join the Argentine side. Playing midfield, his quick thinking and agile skills have demonstrated to be similar to Ariel Ortega’s style and many say that he will replace the legendary idol. Coach Simeone requested his presence urgently and Robert has proven himself worthy of the winning a place in the starting lineup. Good luck Robert!


Facundo Quiroga

One of River’s biggest weaknesses last year was its defense. For some reason or another, River had a tough time controlling the defensive area and many goals were scored against the team due to this lack of efficiency. Although Gerlo and Tuzzio were strong, a more experienced player was needed to reinforce this area. Luckily, River was able to acquire Facundo Quiroga who was released from Wolfburg of Germany. Fernando has also played for the Argentine national team so his experience and skills have qualified as the “last man” in the defensive line. River will be guided by an individual who many teams had their eye on but River’s history and valor convinced this magnificent player to come to Buenos Aires. Good luck Facundo!


Martin Galmarini

Tigre’s brightest star joined River to become of the most promising signings of the season. Martin began his career in Tigre, slowly gaining fame and minutes on the pitch. He went from being a nobody to one of Tigre’s most important figures. His ability in the midfield section will help River recuperate possession and maintain a steady flow of passes. He has a lot playtime on the pitch and has even scored numerous times with his former club. Martin also has a long history of accomplishments as Tigre is one of Argentina’s most successful teams in the Second Division, which made way for their place in the First Division. Good luck Martin!

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