Who's Out in River?

Who's Out in River?

Who's Out in River?


What happened with last season's most important players? Where did they go? Here is an update of their situation.

Ariel Ortega

In a nutshell, Ariel Ortega has been struggling with alcoholism his whole career and River has tried numerous times to help conquer this habit. Unfortunately, the “Burrito” has failed the team and fans again by having an automobile accident at a gas station after hours in Buenos Aires. This alarmed Coach Diego Simeone and he denied him the chance to play in the first squad. Ariel, mad at the decision, wanted out. He got offered a chance to play in the United Arab Emirates for a cool two million dollars for him alone but the distance and “lack of alcohol” persuaded Ariel to stay closer to home. Independiente Rivadavia began secret talks with Ariel and his move became official a day later with a 10 month loan plus rehab in Chile (paid by River). Although Ariel is happy with the move as he will play in the starting lineup, he is still angry with the management of the team but admits he still loves the fans. Get better Ariel!

Alexis Sanchez

Unfortunately, the talented Chilean youngster was on loan to River from Italy’s Udinense and once his loan finished, he packed his bags and went back to Italy. Trying to keep him in Argentina was nearly impossible despite Alexis’s desire to stay in Nuñez. I’m confident that Alexis would have remained intact in River if he did not go but the reality is that his skills and talents are too much to keep restrained. The best of luck to Alexis!


Sebastian Abreu

The Uruguayan sensation decided to try his future in Israel. His current club, Beitar Jerusalem, have the chance to play in the Champion’s League and this practically sealed the deal for Abreu’s decision. Either you loved him or hated him, but he had a special place with the fans. Despite his height, he missed a lot of clear chances to score through out the Clausura. His antics kept his spirit alive and hopefully he does an excellent job in Israel. We wish him the best of luck!


Juan Pablo Carrizo

JP was one of the strongest teammates in the squad. If it wasn’t for his excellent skills, River would have tied or even lost some matches. He became a hero among the fans although many did not appreciate his remarks towards the fanbase in the middle of the Clausura. His desire to have a chance in Lazio was clearly in his mind and he went back to their roster in hopes of being the starting goalkeeper. Juan Pablo seems to be the second goalkeeper in the Argentine national team and if he plays his cards right, he could be replace the aging Abbondanzieri in the goal area. Good luck JP!

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